Google Maps plugin for Craft CMS

Maps in minutes. Powered by the Google Maps API.

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Address Field

Provides a powerful and customizable Address field to store location data.

Dynamic Maps

Get all the richness of the Google Maps API using simple, chainable methods.

Static Maps

Easily plot one or more markers onto a static map image.

Proximity Search

A "store locator" tool which makes it easy to find the closest locations.

Geocoding Lookups

Use a simple text string to perform a geocoding address lookup.

Visitor Geolocation

Find out where your visitors are coming from based on their IP address.

This plugin is not maintained nor created by Google (Alphabet). It is strictly a wrapper for various Google Maps APIs, and has no direct affiliation with Google. The Google Maps plugin for Craft CMS is a product of Double Secret Agency (opens new window), a web development agency with no affiliation to Google.