Troubleshoot Proximity Search & Geocoding

Location can't be found?

Use the Test Address Lookup utility to check that the Google Geocoding API is returning the expected results.

# Search or geocoding is yielding no results

If you are certain that your proximity search or address lookup should be returning results, and is instead returning nothing, it's possible that something is wrong with your Google API keys. Please check your keys thoroughly to ensure that they have the proper credentials, and that you have enabled all required API services.

More Info

Check out the instructions for configuring your Google Maps API Keys...

# Search or geocoding is focused on the wrong location

If your proximity search or address lookup is centering on the wrong location, it's possible that Google is getting confused by that particular search query. To correct for this, you can force the API to hone in on a more specific geographical region.

More Info

Check out the guide about Region Biasing...