Delaying Map Initialization

You can lazy load a map by simply calling the init method in JavaScript. As long as the map has been loaded into the DOM, it should be possible to use the JavaScript init method to activate it.

Twig/PHP map creation is okay 👍

Only the init method needs to be triggered via JavaScript. The map can still be created via Twig or PHP, you do not need to move the entire map creation process into JavaScript.

When a map is created via Twig or PHP, it will automatically be initialized once the DOM has finished loading. If you do not want to initialize automatically, it's possible to suppress the default behavior.

# Suppress automatic initialization

If you are generating the map via Twig/PHP, you can tell it to skip the default initialization trigger.

{{ map.tag({'init': false}) }}

For more information, see the init option of the tag method...

# Manually initialize the map

Once the DOM has been loaded, you can use JavaScript to manually initialize the new map.


The init method can be configured further if necessary.