Converting from Mapbox

# Importing Address Data

Converting from an "Address (Mapbox)" field to an "Address (Google Maps)" field is relatively straightforward... simply switch the field type on the field's settings page.

Screenshot of field type select being switched to Address (Google Maps)

Once you have saved the field as an "Address (Google Maps)" field, all data associated with that field will automatically be imported into the Google Maps plugin.

# One Field at a Time

When you update a single field, only the data for that specific field will be converted. Each Address field will need to be updated individually.

Field Configuration Not Included

The field's settings will not be ported, only the field's existing data will be transferred over.

You may still want to configure the Google Maps field to your liking, it will not automatically reflect how you had it configured with Mapbox.

# Deploying to Production

When deploying to a production environment, you'll most likely be using Project Config (opens new window) to keep all of your configuration settings in sync. Don't worry, there will be little (or no) action required on your part.

All relevant Address data will be converted once your Project Config changes are applied.