Changing the Map Language

If you want to manually specify the language and/or region of a map, you must append additional query parameters to the URL of the Google Maps API.

However, the API URL is typically called automatically. You don't have direct access to it, and will rarely need to manage it directly:[KEY]

But there are those times when you need to manually manipulate the API URL. For example, if you want the map to appear in Japanese (biased around the region of Japan), you would specify the language and region as part of the API URL...[KEY]&language=ja&region=JP

Fortunately, you can append query parameters via the api option of the tag method...

    'api': {
        'language': 'ja',
        'region': 'JP'
}) }}

Adding these URL parameters forces the map to appear in Japanese:

Example of map in Japanese

Official Google Reference

For more information about the language and region parameters, consult the official Google guide for Localizing the Map.