Option Type Default Description
target mixed null Center point for the proximity search.
range int 500 The search radius, measured in units.
units string 'mi' Unit of measurement, either miles or kilometers.
subfields mixed null Filter by contents of specific subfields.
requireCoords bool false Whether results should only include Addresses with valid coordinates.
reverseRadius string null Handle of field to use for a reverse proximity search.

# target

If the target is null...

  • No target-based proximity search will be conducted. The range and units options will be rendered moot. You may still use the subfields and requireCoords options to narrow the query results, even without a specified target.

If the target is a set of coordinates...

  • Those coordinates will be directly used as the starting point for the proximity search. No API calls will be necessary, since the entire proximity search can be handled internally.

If the target is a string or a set of parameters...

  • An internal address lookup will be performed to determine the center point of the proximity search. Please see the Geocoding Target for more information on what is allowed.

Region Biasing

Worried about the proximity search starting from the right place? Check out Region Biasing...

# range

How wide of an area to conduct a proximity search within. The value represents the search radius, reaching outward from the target value. The units of measurement will be defined by units.

{% set options = {
    'range': 50,
    'units': 'kilometers',
} %}

# units

The unit of measurement by which to measure distances. Accepts the following values:

  • 'mi' or 'miles'
  • 'km' or 'kilometers'

# subfields

The subfields option allows you to filter the proximity search results based on specific subfield values of the Address field. It ensures that the query returns only the results which exactly match the specified subfield values.

The value can be specified as an array of key-value pairs, or as the specific string "fallback". For more information, see the docs regarding filtering by subfields.

Subfield Filter Fallback

When conducting proximity searches across a broad area, you may find it helpful to enable the subfield filter fallback mechanism.

# requireCoords

Determines whether a valid set of coordinates is required. If set to true, the results will only include Addresses which have valid coordinates.

A set of coordinates is considered valid only if both the latitude and longitude values are populated.

# reverseRadius

When specified, this will invert the proximity search logic. Instead of using a single radius, centered around the given target, each location can specify its own individual range.

For complete details, see the guide for a Reverse Proximity Search...