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Each notification contains a dynamic message, composed by you, using Twig.

Several message types are available, including email and SMS (text) messages.

All Message Types

For more information, see the complete list of message types...

After being triggered by a corresponding event, each message will be sent to the specified recipients.

Normal Twig

If the Twig message is short, it can be written directly in the control panel. For longer messages, you'll probably want to include a separate Twig file.

{# Use a normal Twig template for a long message #}
{% include 'emails/new-user-activated' %}

Your template is a standard Twig template, so you can use any normal Twig you'd like. Since each template is a normal Twig environment, you can use extends, include, or any other tags just as you typically would.

Customizing the message body

Additionally, a collection of special variables are available within the Twig context. These variables can be used to create highly customized notification messages.

Stop a message from being sent

If necessary, you can even use Twig to prevent a message from being sent. The template can perform Twig-based logic while it is being parsed, and gracefully skip a message if certain criteria are not met.