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Each notification will be sent to one or more recipients.

Some examples of recipient types are:

  • All Admins
  • All Users in Group(s)
  • Only a specific User

List of Recipient Types

For more information, see the complete list of recipient types...

The list of available recipient types may change based on which type of message was selected (for example, a Flash Message can only be sent to the Current User).

Unique Messages

Each recipient will receive their own unique copy of the message. Any special variables will be re-parsed for each individual recipient.

Advance Filtering of Recipients

If needed, you can start with a pre-existing set of recipients (ie: "All Admins"), then reduce the subset even further. By using the skipMessage tag, you can omit recipients on a granular level.

{# Don't send message to Doug #}
{% if == 42 %}
    {% skipMessage %}
{% endif %}