Settings Model

The Settings Model is a structural staple of most Craft plugins. It is generally not something you need to interact with directly.

If you want to manage the plugin's settings, go to Settings > Mapbox in the control panel. For more information, see the documentation regarding the plugin settings page...


You will rarely need to call the Settings Model directly, it is for internal use only.

Read how to programmatically manage the Mapbox Access Token...

# Public Properties

# accessToken

string - (Required) Your unique Mapbox Access Token for this site.

# enableJsLogging

bool - Whether to allow logging to the JavaScript console. Only relevant when displaying a dynamic map. Defaults to true.

# minifyJsFiles

bool - Whether to use minified front-end JavaScript files. Only relevant when rendering a dynamic map. Defaults to false.

# fieldParams

array - Additional optional parameters for configuring Address fields.

Additional Details

For more detailed information, check out the docs regarding the PHP Config File...