A coords value is a basic set of coordinates (longitude & latitude) in a simple JSON format:

    "lng": -64.7527469,
    "lat":  32.3113966

To be clear, coordinates are not actually a Model (and so this page technically doesn't belong here). But the format of coords is commonly used throughout the plugin, which gives coordinates a pseudo-model behavior.

# Common Format

A set of coordinates is handled in this common format. Any place you encounter a coords value, it will be handled in this format. Here are just a few examples of where you'd see a set of coordinates in this format:

Where Specifically
Maps As the center point of a map. Reference
Popups As a predefined value in a popup template. Reference
Address Fields Available on the parent Location Model. Reference

# Mapbox Coordinates

The internal format of coords aligns with the established format of a Mapbox LngLat object (opens new window). Since the two formats are effectively identical, you can use the values interchangeably.

Nearly Identical

Roughly speaking, you can say that the Mapbox plugin "uses" LngLat to handle coordinates internally. There may be some subtle differences, but you can generally treat them as the same thing and not encounter any issues.