# Addresses

Model Overview
Address Model Used in many places, including Address fields.
Location Model Parent model of the Address Model.

You will frequently encounter an Address Model, which is an extension of the Location Model. When working with an Address, it's possible to use the properties and methods of both models.

# Dynamic Maps

Model Overview
Dynamic Map Model Handles creation of dynamic maps.

The Dynamic Map Model is a powerful chainable object which can be configured to display each map as desired.

# Plugin Settings

⚠️  You will almost never need to call this model directly.

Model Overview
Settings Model Handles internal plugin settings.

The Settings Model handles the internal settings for the entire Mapbox plugin. It is a standard component of many Craft plugins.


Not quite a Model, Coordinates defines a standard format for coords values used in various places around the plugin. It's also directly compatible with many facets of the Mapbox API itself.

Pseudo-Model Overview
Coordinates Common configuration of longitude & latitude.