PHP Config File

The config settings available on the plugin's Settings page can also be managed via PHP in a config file. By setting these values in config/mapbox.php, they take precedence over whatever may be set via the control panel.

# Copy this file...

# To here... (and rename it)

Much like the db.php and general.php files, mapbox.php is environmentally aware (opens new window). You can also pass in environment values using the getenv PHP method.

return [

    // Mapbox Access Token (required)
    'accessToken' => getenv('MAPBOX_ACCESSTOKEN'),

    // Manage JS resources (when rendering a dynamic map on the front-end)
    'enableJsLogging' => true,
    'minifyJsFiles' => false,

    // Additional optional parameters for configuring Address fields
    'fieldParams' => [
        'limit' => 6,       // Number of results to return (max 10)
        'language' => 'en', //
        'country' => null,  //


# Settings available via Control Panel

It's also possible to set the Mapbox Access Token via the control panel. For more information, consult the documentation regarding the Settings page.

You may also want to learn more about managing your Mapbox Access Token.

# Settings available only via PHP file

This setting can only be managed via the PHP config file.

# enableJsLogging

bool - Defaults to true.

Whether to log dynamic map progress to the JavaScript console when the site is in devMode.

// Prevent dynamic maps from logging to the console
'enableJsLogging' => false

# minifyJsFiles

bool - Defaults to false.

Whether to use minified JavaScript files when rendering a dynamic map on the front-end.

// Use minified JS files to render a map on the front-end
'minifyJsFiles' => true

# fieldParams

array - Defaults to the following array:

'fieldParams' => [
    'limit' => 6,
    'language' => 'en',
    'country' => null,
Parameter Description
limit The maximum number of search results to display at once. Cannot be set higher than 10.
language The IETF language tag (opens new window). If null, en will be used.
country An ISO 3166 alpha-2 country code (opens new window). If null, results will not be filtered by country.

For example, you could set the language of the Address field (ie: ja for Japanese).

Setting a country will restrict all search results to be within that country (ie: JP for Japan only).

// Set the language and country filter for all Address fields
'fieldParams' => [
    'language' => 'ja',
    'country' => 'JP',

Defaults to user's language

If not specified in the config file, the language of each Address field will default to match the language of the logged-in user.

Only applies to Address fields in the Control Panel

If you need to change the language of your front-end maps, see the guide for Changing the Map Language.