Setting or resetting a counter

It's possible to both reset a counter, or to set it to a specific value.

Available in Twig/PHP only

These methods are not natively available in JavaScript or via AJAX. See more below...

# Methods

# setCounter(newValue, elementId, key = null)

Set the new integer value, alongside the Element ID and optional key.

# resetCounter(elementId, key = null)

Wrapper for setCounter, with a new value of 0.

# Twig

{# Set counter to 42 #}
{% do craft.viewCount.setCounter(42, %}

{# Reset counter back to 0 #}
{% do craft.viewCount.resetCounter( %}


use doublesecretagency\viewcount\ViewCount;

// Set counter to 42
ViewCount::$plugin->view->setCounter(42, $entry->id);

// Reset counter back to 0

# JavaScript/AJAX

Not supported

For security reasons, these methods feature no out-of-the-box support for JS or AJAX.

If your site requires the ability to set or reset a counter via JavaScript or AJAX, it will be up to you to:

  1. Create your own module (or plugin).
  2. Create a Controller action to handle the request. See the IncrementController (opens new window) for a rough example.
  3. From within your Controller action, call the PHP method you need.

Any other related behavior will be up to you, as the module developer, to write and maintain.