Display star ratings

Displaying a row of stars is very simple...

{{ craft.starRatings.stars(elementId [, key = null]) }}

This will output a complete row of stars, with the rating relevant to that particular element.

The "key" parameter is optional. Use it only if you need to rate multiple things about the same element.

# Example:

    {% for entry in craft.entries.section('musicCollection').all() %}
            <td>{{ entry.title }}</td>
            <td>{{ craft.starRatings.stars(entry.id) }}</td>
    {% endfor %}

# Results:

  • If the user has already rated this element, the stars will display the user's selected rating.
  • If the user has not rated this element, the stars will display the average rating of all users.

Prevent rating for miscellaneous reasons

If you have an abstract reason for wanting rating to be disabled on an element, it's possible to prevent rating for miscellaneous reasons...