Customize your star icons

It's incredibly easy to customize your star icons...

# The Basics

# Example:

{% do craft.starRatings.setIcons({
    'full'  : '<i class="fa fa-thumbs-up"></i>',
    'half'  : '<i class="fa fa-thumbs-o-up"></i>',
    'empty' : '<i class="fa fa-circle-thin"></i>',
}) %}

# Results:

Practically any HTML is acceptable. And since Font Awesome is natively included in the plugin, you can easily use any other Font Awesome icons!

Disabling Font Awesome

If you don't need the Font Awesome library to be run by the plugin, you can simply disable it on the plugin's Settings page.

If you'd like to change the colors or other formatting, please read how to customize your star CSS.

# Advanced

You can change the size of your star components. Go to:

Settings > Star Ratings > Star Increment Size

Select whether you want the final star to appear in quarters, halves, or as a full star.

{% do craft.starRatings.setIcons({
    '0/4': '<i class="fa fa-thermometer-empty"></i>',
    '1/4': '<i class="fa fa-thermometer-quarter"></i>',
    '2/4': '<i class="fa fa-thermometer-half"></i>',
    '3/4': '<i class="fa fa-thermometer-three-quarters"></i>',
    '4/4': '<i class="fa fa-thermometer-full"></i>',
}) %}

Font Awesome doesn't have much in the way of quarter icons, so you may need to implement your own custom icons if you'd like to divide stars into quarters.

# Size Chart:

Word Fraction Will display
"empty" "0/4" Empty star
"1/4" One-quarter star
"half" "2/4" Half star
"3/4" Three-quarter star
"full" "4/4" Full star

Fractions must be also treated as strings (ie: wrapped in quotes).