Each field layout (ie: each Entry Type) can have its own configuration of Matrix groups & tabs.

Hiding Block Types or Fields

If you'd like to hide a specific block type or block field, just leave it out of the override! Any block type or field that isn't included will simply be omitted.

# Default Configuration

When you configure Spoon via the Settings page, you are setting the default configuration for all instances of that Matrix field.

Once you have a default configuration in place, however, it's easy to override the configuration for each field layout (like an Entry Type) where it is being used.

# Override Configuration

To override a default config, click on the "Spoon" button when managing a field layout.

The example below shows the process of configuring a typical Entry Type...

Screenshot showing steps to open an override editing modal

Within this context, follow the same steps outlined for Matrix Block Groups & Matrix Block Tabs.