Tracking Views

By default, Ad views are tracked via PHP when the page is rendered on the server. Alternatively, you can track views via JavaScript when the window is loaded in the browser.

This trick is especially handy if your Twig code is being cached.

To use JS tracking instead of PHP, enable the AW_TRACK_VIA_JS setting in your .env file...

# Add to your .env file

An event listener will automatically be added to each Ad to track a view when the window is loaded.

<!-- Example of a rendered Ad -->
<img ... onload="window.addEventListener('load', function(){ adWizard.view(99) })"/>

Runs Automatically

You should not need to manually call adWizard.view in a typical setup.

# adWizard.view

adWizard.view(id, options = {})

In addition to the Ad's id, the function allows an optional options object:

var options = {
  oncePerPage: true,
  debug: false


  • Defaults to true

By default, the Ad is only tracked once per page load. To track Ads multiple times per page, set to false.


  • Defaults to false

When enabled, the function will log a message to the console each time an Ad is viewed.