Custom Fields

As of Ad Wizard 3, it's now possible to use custom fields with your Ads. These custom fields can be absolutely anything that you want.

# Available as Options

In the example above, the "Alt Tag" and "Title Tag" are native Plain Text fields. It's possible to pass these custom fields in as options when you code it in Twig.

    'attr': {
        'alt': '{altTag}',
        'title': '{titleTag}'

Which produces the following HTML...

  alt="Pause and refresh! Coca-Cola"
  title="Vintage Coca-Cola advertisement"
  onclick=", '')"

# Setup

To create a custom layout, click the "Field Layouts" link in the sidebar...

Then you'll be able to attach your new field layout to an Ad Group...

Once you've done that, you'll be able to edit custom fields on your Ad just as you would with any other element type.