User Vote History

The following methods allow you to see what votes a user has cast. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, you can retrieve the entire user vote history, or a subset based on a unique key, or even identify which specific vote was cast by a user for a given element.

Requires Logged-in Users

Only logged-in users will have their votes recorded. Voting history is not available in anonymous voting systems.

# userHistory(userId = null)

You can optionally specify the user ID to get the voting history of a specific user.

If you do not specify a user, by default the method will return the voting history of the current user.

{% for user in craft.users.all() %}
    {% set history = craft.upvote.userHistory( %}
    {# Do whatever you want with the history #}
{% endfor %}

The results will be an array of element IDs, and the user's corresponding vote for each element.

// Element ID : User's Vote
    14:  1
    33:  1
    39: -1
    42:  1

The array keys are the element IDs of the elements being voted on.

The array values represent the direction of the vote. An upvote is 1, a downvote is -1.

# userHistoryByKey(userId = null, keyFilter = false)

Nearly identical to the userHistory method (above), except you can also specify a unique key with which to filter by.

Defaults to Current User

If you want to specify the keyFilter without specifying the userId, you can bypass it with null. That will default to providing the history of the current user.

If you omit the keyFilter, the history will be the complete voting history for the specified user. It will be organized by keys, and arranged into subsets.

If you specify the keyFilter, the history will be only a subset of the complete user voting history.

{# Get the complete history, organized by keys #}
{% set history = craft.upvote.userHistoryByKey( %}

{# Get a subset of the history, filtered by the specified key #}
{% set history = craft.upvote.userHistoryByKey(, 'funny') %}

# userVote(userId, elementId, key = null)

Get the specific vote of a specific user for a specific element.

Returns 1, -1, or 0.

 1 = User has cast an upvote
-1 = User has cast a downvote
 0 = User has not voted on this element

Here's an example of how you might check to see whether a user has already voted on an entry...

{% if 1 == craft.upvote.userVote(, %}
    {# User has upvoted this entry #}
{% endif %}