Setting the Template

Depending on which message type has been selected, additional options may be available.

All Types

All message types require a message template.

# Message Template

Specify the Twig template which powers your message.

Your template is a standard Twig template, you can use any normal Twig you'd like. Additionally, your template can take advantage of the automatic variables available within that context.

# Email Messages

In addition to the template, email messages also include a dynamic email subject.

# Email Subject

For email messages, you will be able to specify a dynamic subject line. Within the context of your subject, the same automatic variables are available.

There are two ways for a subject to be parsed...

1. Short {object} syntax (similar to dynamic Entry titles)

The object will be mapped to the element which triggered the notification.

New Article: {title}

2. Normal Twig, relying on automatic variables

All standard Twig tags are allowed. You also have access to a set of automatic variables.

New Article: {{ entry.title }}