Notification Logs

A complete history of notification attempts will be recorded in a log file. To see what has been processed, check out the log data, either via the control panel or by opening the log file directly.

# Control Panel

To see the detailed log, visit the Utilities > Notification Logs page in your control panel.

# Log File

The screenshot above is a GUI representation of the underlying text log data...

{"*":"2021-08-06 11:32:37 [info] Determining which email addresses based on custom Twig snippet..."
{"*":"2021-08-06 11:32:37 [info] Preparing to send email message to [email protected]..."
{"*":"--> 2021-08-06 11:32:39 [success] The email to [email protected] was sent successfully! (New Article: Styles of Summer)"
{"*":"2021-08-06 11:32:39 [info] Preparing to send email message to"
{"*":"--> 2021-08-06 11:32:39 [warning] \"\" is not a valid email address."
{"*":"--> 2021-08-06 11:32:39 [error] Invalid recipient, email could not be sent."

Truncated Example

The data shown here has been truncated for example purposes. Each row is actually part of a much more complex JSON encoded string. If you open the log file, you will see additional data available on each line.

# File Path

All log data will be stored in the following file...


No logging data is stored in the database.